“Yo, Bitch! You are the Baddest Bitch in the House!”

Following is a Baddest Bitch story about me. I received a scholarship to Auburn University, where I earned my Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA). In school, I focused on graphic design, sculpture, and art history in my major. I also loved dancing on the Auburn Tiger Paws dance team, among other distracting activities. Beginning Baddest Bitch.

My first design position was Creative Director of Fairgreen Capital. My award-winning, comprehensive branding for Polo Golf and Country Club was a tremendous beginning. Bad Bitch by hard work and more than a little luck. Later, I was a Designer and Marketing Coordinator for McLean Hunter Publishing and helped design multiple trade magazines distributed to 11,000+ subscribers.

The launch of my solo journey was Principal Designer for my small web and branding business, Mountain Webs Design. Clients included service companies, bars and restaurants, bed and breakfasts, architects, boutiques, galleries, spas, consultants, political campaigns, teachers, pastoral counselors, and more. See a few examples on the Portfolio page or check out UnderDog Branding.

I’m proud to have been a speaker at a WordCamp 2017 and volunteer for the Happiness Bar at a WordCamp 2018. I’ve attended 6 WordCamps total and encourage everyone to join. Helping others immediately makes you a Baddest Bitch.

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I was also honored to have been featured in Verve magazine, “covering Asheville’s most fascinating women,” for my fine artwork. “I have a particular fondness for women doing interesting things out of the spotlight,” said Melanie McGee Biachi.

And while I was working hard from home I became a Wonderful WAHM Mom

I have been with my husband for 31 years, and have 3 Wonderful Sons! They are the World’s Best Sons ever, but I’ve experienced more than a few panic attacks while they’ve grown up. Now they really are grown-up: The first son earned 3 college degrees simultaneously, with honors, and met his lovely fiance. The second son is about to finish college in only 3 years, with honors, and become an incredible high school teacher. It’s fun to watch your kids make decisions and end up in the perfect place for them. He met a smart, young woman that will be his beautiful bride someday. And the third son, a very sarcastic high schooler, has well-rounded and eclectic interests like his Mom: computer coding, art, and tennis. We all enjoy outdoor activities like hiking kayaking and Jeeping.

We’re a One Bar Family. If you have more than one bar of cell service, you haven’t hiked far enough yet. Finally, I think I might be the Baddest Bitch in the House.

“Yo, Bitch! You are the baddest Bitch in the house!”

-Best compliment ever, given to me by a random person in a bar. I’m not going to argue about it

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