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I love music. Music can get you through a hard day. I’ll be honest. Some days being a (mostly) Wonderful Mom can be very challenging, using all your patience and strength to get by, to meet the expectations you’ve put upon yourself. Following are playlists I made and a podcast I discovered, on Spotify. If you need them on Apple Music, drop me a line and I can get them to you.

“Chill” is one of my favorite playlists because it’s just what it’s called. Tunes with a relaxed vibe. I could listen to this every day. #TheCure #NIN, #PearlJam #Theweeknd #U2

The second one, “Wake up, Boys!” is great on your way to carpool in the mornings. We lived in Michigan for 6 years and it was really hard to get the troops ready for school when it was -10 degrees and snowing! Who could blame them? #Madcon #PharrellWillians #NikkaCosta (LOVE HER) #Queen #Okgo #Outcast. This one is upbeat, starting the day on a totally positive note with great messages for kids, and you’ll love it, too.

The third is a compilation of “Classical, #Yo-YoMa, and other Brilliant People“. Some you’ll recognize, some you might not. #Bach #Pachelbell #Debussy #Satie #Beethoven and more. All stunning in beauty and sophistication.

“Remedy” is what it’s called, a dose of rock goodness to sing out loud. There is a diverse, rock line-up. Classic and new. #Piston #TheCult #TheRollingStones #TheKillers #RedHotChiliPeppers #Chevelle #LennyKravitz #BlackPistolFire. Since this list is subjective if you’d like to add a song, just let me know. I’d be happy to work together!

A bonus of #WhiteStripes. #Jackwhite is, well, brilliant. And I couldn’t help myself when a friend of mine showed the playlist to me. I’d like to learn more about his music preservation and his recording at #thirdmanrecords. (Also, he’s a Dad and he’s hot. I’ll admit it. Nothing wrong with that.)

Finally, the best podcast ever:

  • The Joe Rogan Experience

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