Me: I’m a graphic designer
Them: May the Lord be with you

It’s somewhat funny how many graphic designer jokes are floating around. I suppose that’s why, at first, my parents told me I could be anything in life except one. But, of course, my Dad worked at Proctor and Gamble in Chicago in the “Mad Men” era, so I can’t blame them.

And, of course, I did it anyway.

Then I discovered I loved coding. After HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, and Joomla, I found WordPress and digging around to find the best WordPress resources. Blogging holds my interest because I love to learn. I still enjoy design, and below are a few logos/branding, graphic design, and other design media. But blogs and websites have become what inspires me.

I’m not looking for design work-just showing you for fun. Check out Underdog Branding and Gates Public Health websites. Below are logos, printed collateral, and a few websites it was my pleasure to create.

My all-time favorite testimonial:

“I’ll use a different auto mechanic. I’ll go to another dentist. But, I will never stray from you. You are golden!”

—Dale, Bed & Breakfast owner, Saluda, NC

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